There are lots of great ideas for groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts, but did you know that the ring bearer is an important guy? He has rings! Depending on his age (and whether or not he knows what his job entails), we offer books with props to help him learn more about being a part of this special day. Here’s some good stuff – best-seller gift list included too.

1. Ring Briefcase

This case is the perfect accessory for any Ring Bearer or Security Agent. It’s personalized with their name, date of birth & wedding ring size so they can keep it as a keepsake from your big day! The material makes this durable enough that little hands won’t be able break through easily on their own accord but also allows access at all times if need-be – there are two secure catches which snap shut securely locking up everything inside without worry about losing anything overboard during transport home.

2. Aviator Sunglasses

UV and UVA protection for your eyes, plus real visual effects. The fashionable REVO technology lens offers contrast to allow you see in low light conditions like no other pair of sunglasses can! These frames are made from high-quality metal that’s flexible enough so it won’t break when dropped or scratched up by keys on accident (just ask any one else who has done this). A great gift idea too – they’ll love owning something with such cool looking gear inside their head.

3. Security Pin

These adorable wood badges are a great way to show off your rings and keep things organized on the big day. They come in different colors, so you can match them with any theme or color scheme! Best of all? These cute wooden badge will make ring bearer proud – he’ll be able wear his new accessory proudly as part of yours longer than anyone else’s gold band could ever hope too (wink).

4. Ring Bearer’s Gift Box

Is your wedding coming up? Have you been looking for that perfect gift to ask the ring bearer if he will be a part of it. Well, look no further! This one is sure not just any old limousine; this high-quality collectible stretch car has everything including an open hood and sun roof window with four doors which can close or open at anytime–making driving easier than ever before. It’s made exactly as they would appear on TV shows or movies where actors drive around in them while filming their scenes so there are great attention paid towards detail throughout its construction process making these cars truly exceptional collector items worth preserving forever.

5. Sugarfina Bento Box

The best way to keep up with the rest of your team is by packing some sugar. This customizable bento box from Sugarfina has over 100 different candy selections, so you’re sure not going wrong! They have all sorts of assorted boxes for any occasion- from wedding parties or even wedding favors themselves as an added bonus point 😉

6. Ring Security Shirt

This “Ring Security” t-shirt is perfect for the rehearsal dinner! This fake bowtie, short sleeve crew neck will get them excited and in laughter.

7. Lunchbox

This lunch tote is the perfect way for your flower girl, or any little lady in attendance at school/university meals time! It features a soft insulated main snack compartment that easily wipes clean making it easy on those delicate hands. The design also comes with matching gifts so you can get them both something adorable this December 1st-3rd

8. The Best Ever Ring Bearer Book

Give your little one the opportunity for a lifetime by having them be part of an honored role in their favorite wedding. The Best Ever Ring Bearer takes readers through all aspects and responsibilities, from wearing suit to walking down aisle with pride!

9. Cool Sock Collection

Your little one will feel like a true superhero with these DC Comics Justice League 6-Pack Toddler Crew Socks! These high quality socks come in six different colors, patterns and graphics that feature some of the most iconic heroes from around.
The 3×1 crew length means it’s easy for them to put on by themselves while still providing coverage over their ankles which is perfect if you’re going out running or doing other active things during your day so they stay warm but not overheated (especially helpful when climate varies). They also include cotton fibers which keep feet cool at night – what more could any parent ask?

10. Will You be MyvRing Bearer Puzzle

This personalized leather baseball and acrylic case is perfect for any MLB enthusiast, especially those who like to be in wedding parties or giveExcellent gifts! It makes an excellent present too – just use it with another mini-bat as your ringbearer gift.

11. Dinosaur Duvet and Pillowcase Set

This bedding set is perfect for any child that loves dinosaurs! Your little one will feel like they are sleeping in a prehistoric dreamland with this whimsical pillowcase and blanket. The tyrannosaurus rex has jaws stretched wide, showing his trademark roar or yawn at all times of day–whether it be morning wake up calls from sneaky friends trying to get into their favorite spot under the covers before mommy comes out again; during story time while waiting eagerly between words “uh-oh!” because he knows what’s coming next…or even just after dinner when everyone starts playing games by throwing pillows onto floor

12. Jetpack Backpack

What’s not to love about a man who can take you from zero gravity and fire-fueled with his own jetpack? With two nozzles that flap in the wind, spacious interior including rear rocket pockets for all your mini astronaut essentials – this is one husband worth celebrating!

13. Personalized Harmonica

This personalized 10-hole (diatonic) harmonica is a must for your fun and musical groomsmen, ring bearer or birthday friend. This elegant black box sized gift can be presented in three lines with up to 20 characters each! It’s never too early to start thinking about what kind of present you’re going give when someone special gets their own unique anniversary – this has been one helluva life so far but they may not celebrate it forever if something isn’t done soon enough…

14. Ship Kite

The ship is finally at sea! Now you can take your Haptic Lab decorating style everywhere. The handmade Sailing Ship kite made in collaboration with Balinese artisans exclusively for us flies high and wide on the wind, making it a perfect way to add some extra bling while showing off our coastal pride.

15. Ring Bearer Bear

Your ring bearers need something small, especially since he plays such a big part on your special day and she deserves one of our plush brown stuffed animal bears. The design will arrive wearing white shirt with personalized message that reads “My husband/wife” to emphasize how much they mean in life together as well!