April 08, 2016

Indigo Terry Capsule

This past fall our Brando Jacket came out of the impact of Marlon Brando, whose portrayal of John Strabler in The Wild One created a personality around a jacket that would live on forever. Bob Dylan’s artistry has stretched through the decades just as firmly and our homage to his legacy this spring is the Dylan Jacket.

What seems on its face to be a classic denim jacket uses traditional shapes and patterns to reference that history, but we’ve brought our particular touch. Instead of using denim as custom would require we’ve tapped into our resources to find the right French Terry, offering a texture and feel that has never been seen before on such a time-tested garment. Each piece is soft, supple, and will wear and shift in tone over time uniquely depending on how you wear them.

The use of indigo as a dye reaches back to the 9th-Century, starting a history that touches the royal families of Europe, the sails of Columbus’ ships, and the African Slave Trade. It’s a color that has dyed denim since the first time the fabric was woven, defining entire swaths of American culture from the country’s foundation, through the Industrial age, all the way to the cobbled streets of SoHo. It’s a color that is filled with ethics, aspiration, hope, and always a touch of royalty. It is as culturally complex as it is complicated to extract from the plants whose original origin has been lost to the annals of time. But its history continues to be rewritten every season as we digest it back into our style vocabulary in new ways.

Our Indigo Collection pays homage to that history, and has within it the passion that we feel for what we do, placing our inspiration in every stitch. What we’ve worked so hard to perfect will be handed over to you to customize to your taste. Every jacket will come with some minor distressing but we encourage your customization and hope you’ll share the results with us.

The Indigo Jacket will retail for $248. The Terry Tee will retail for $72.

The Indigo Collection will be available at 12pm on Saturday, April 9 on

Size chart below reflects measurements of a fully-buttoned jacket.  Opening the jacket opens up the measurements.


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February 09, 2016

Pop-Up Recap

When it was time to do another Pop Up Shop in D.C. we knew we have to execute a vision that was broader than what we did the year before. So we decided to take a risk. We moved the location to a huge space and went with a concept that challenged expectations and was deeply personal to us. Premium Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service was only possible through our relationship with No Kings Collective who built the installation, ASICS who supported our vision, and Rock Creek Social Club who guaranteed that everyone who showed love would get it right back.

Of course, the next day Winter Storm Jonas hit and the D.C. Metro area completely shut down. We couldn’t have people risking their safety to come to the Pop Up so we postponed the rest of the event to the following week. We figured fewer people would show given it was a last minute change but we were humbled by the turn out and our community’s continued support.

Thank you for everyone who was able to come out, and thank you to those who couldn’t make it but sent their well wishes anyway. It felt like everyone was in that room with us and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Video by Pierre "@districtdodger"  Edwards.

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January 17, 2016

January 17, 2016

The Evanston Flannel

Premium Co x John Geiger Evanston Flannels

The best thing we can do is make something amazing, whether it follows the rules or not. We want to make something you’re going to love, something surprising, even if it doesn’t fit into what makes sense. And we’re not alone in this.

John Geiger has been a long time supporter of Premium and we’ve always admired his commitment to pursuing creative projects that go against the grain. In that tradition, we knew that if we did something together it would also have to go against that grain, something that we took quite literally.

The result is The Evanston Flannel. Starting with fabrics sourced from Japan, we handed the production over to our factory in LA where we turned the common wisdom surrounding flannels completely around. Rotating the fabric 45 degrees and cutting it against the grain is not something that brands do; it’s not an efficient use of materials, it cuts into profit margins and takes a item that is supposed to be purely functional and turns it into a statement. The change is unexpected, but inherently subtle, and creates movement inside the piece. A third shirt mixes three different flannel prints on different panels of the shirt, keeping the eye moving while staying within a single color family so it’s always an appropriate wear. Playing with traditional directional usage of fabrics offers a new option inside the industry’s established wide selection of flannel shirts for a unique look within tested aesthetics.

Like everything that Premium does, these shirts don’t scream for attention, but like everything John does, they speak with an assertive voice of style.

Limited to only 100 pieces total, the Evanston Flannel will debut at our Pop Up shop in Washington D.C. (RSVP details below). Alongside the flannels, more than a dozen other pieces will make their first appearances, including our Dylan Jacket, Morrison Pant, and a selection of souvenir tee shirts.

We will reserve a small number of Evanston Flannels to be released at our webstore on January 29 for those who cannot make it to D.C.

The Premium Co x John Geiger Evanston Flannel comes in Blue, Red, and Brown. They will retail for $224 and be available at the D.C. Pop Up running this Thursday through Saturday (Jan 21 & 22 7p-12a, Jan 23 12p-8p) at 500 Penn St. NE, Washington D.C.

To RSVP for the Pop Up, Click here.

See you in D.C.

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December 26, 2015

November 03, 2015

Bouclé Overcoat Release Information

When we got our hands on the Boucle Wool last year we knew we had something special. The unique material offered something that you don’t see too often: incredible texture paired with comfortable wearablity. We love this material and want to offer it in distinctive executions, so today we’re introducing the Boucle Overcoat.

Borrowing the design of our lauded Trench Hoodie, the Boucle Overcoat features a hood and extended body paired with the classic extended sleeves of our Overshirt. The complete absence of zippers and other notions makes for a look that is super clean, allowing the texture of the material to be the center of this piece. The coat features front pockets that disappear into the design, maintaining the seamless look while offering necessary convenience.

We want this to be a piece you can live in.

Also releasing is a restock of our Boucle Overshirts.  Both pieces will be available Wednesday November 4, at 12pm EST on  The Boucle Overcoat will retail for $188, and the Boucle Overshirt will retail for $109. Sizing information is below.



November 03, 2015