November 03, 2015

Bouclé Overcoat Release Information

When we got our hands on the Boucle Wool last year we knew we had something special. The unique material offered something that you don’t see too often: incredible texture paired with comfortable wearablity. We love this material and want to offer it in distinctive executions, so today we’re introducing the Boucle Overcoat.

Borrowing the design of our lauded Trench Hoodie, the Boucle Overcoat features a hood and extended body paired with the classic extended sleeves of our Overshirt. The complete absence of zippers and other notions makes for a look that is super clean, allowing the texture of the material to be the center of this piece. The coat features front pockets that disappear into the design, maintaining the seamless look while offering necessary convenience.

We want this to be a piece you can live in.

Also releasing is a restock of our Boucle Overshirts.  Both pieces will be available Wednesday November 4, at 12pm EST on  The Boucle Overcoat will retail for $188, and the Boucle Overshirt will retail for $109. Sizing information is below.