September 29, 2015

Boucle Quickstrike

Choosing what you’re going to wear is a physical choice as much as it’s a visual one. Your clothes have to be a pleasure to wear. We chose this Boucle fabric for its unique texture and weight. It drapes unlike anything we’ve ever used, and the physical feel is truly one of a kind. The journey to these pieces started with the fabric, and figuring out the most direct way to get our customers to interact with it in a meaningful way. We had to create pieces that would fit into any wardrobe without the material hijacking a look. This tee and these shorts are really about the experience of touching and interacting with this fabric bringing a new element to daily wear.

The Boucle Classic Tee is a staple for any closet and forms a clean base for any outfit. The form is familiar, but we’ve extended the length slightly to make layering effortless.

The Ali Short, inspired by the shorts worn by Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, features a nylon elastic waist, an extended drawstring, side pockets and one on the back. In keeping with the inspiration there are no zippers, ensuring a fit that drapes cleanly.

The Boucle Classic Tees and Ali Shorts release today, September 29 at 12pm Eastern in Black and White. The Boucle Classic Tees will be $68, and the Ali Shorts will be $120.