May 20, 2015

Introducing The Ace Tank | Available 05/21/15

Of course we weren’t going to stop at tees.

Just last week we brought our take on a more traditional tee shirt silhouette with exaggerated detailing and fine materials with the Scoop Tee. And it’s anything but traditional. But we also wanted something else for days off in the sun.

Echoing the style of the Scoop Tee, our Ace Tanks utilize the same tri-blended cotton and extended silhouette. The material is light and supple, allowing the Tanks to drape lightly and fluidly down from the open neck. The fine blend creates a natural, textural break between the Ace Tank and any pair of pants or shorts. Bold structural and shape variations tend to disappear in the summer conceding to lighter bodied materials for comfort in the heat. We don’t think it has to be that way.

We’ve always offered pieces that are ideal for layering, creating textural and length variation, but in the summer all those layers hold too much heat. A combination of finishing, with a flat-bottomed back and curved front, the Ace Tanks have inherent style distinctions offering contrast internal to the garment. In our effort to enable customers to craft their own style trajectory, we inject each piece with the appropriate amount of interest making them appealing on their own.

White, Black, Sand, and Heather Grey Tanks will be made available on our website starting at 7pm EDT on May 21. Retail is set at $58.  Size charts below.