May 11, 2015

Spring/Summer '15 Scoop Tee | Release Info

When we created the first Terry Tee, we knew it was something anyone would be able to add to their closet. It became an immediate staple as thousands flew out of our store and found their way to wardrobes of customers whose understanding of the basic tee would shift thanks to the unique execution. We knew it was the only tee you'd ever need. But we also knew it wasn't the only tee you'd ever want.

Immediately after creating the Terry Tee we began working on a new silhouette that would target a different set of stylistic ambitions. The Scoop Tee is the result of that exploration.

Made from a finely woven tri-blended cotton, the Scoop Tee is almost silken to the touch allowing for effortless draping and incredible lightness. This blend breathes unlike any other fabric we've used, making it the obvious choice for summer.

The new flat-bottomed silhouette is reminiscent of a traditional white tee shirt, with side slits that encourage layering on the significantly elongated silhouette. The wider neck enhances the breathability of the materials and a neutral color palate offers the same wearability that you've come to expect from us. Like all of our tops, a seam can be found traveling up the middle of the back, making it immediately identifiable as a Premium Co tee shirt.

Each material has a slightly different blend to achieve the prime shade and hand feel. The result is subtle textural variance from color to color, resulting in a minor length variance. While all Scoop Neck Tees are longer than our Terry Tees, the White and Black colors are slightly longer than the Sand and Heather. We consider this is a feature of the collection.

The Scoop Tee has been a long time coming, and we're happy to (finally) make them available for purchase this Thursday.
The Scoop Tees will be available on May 14 at 7pm Eastern, in Black, White, Sand, and Heather, for $78 USD.

Model is 5'10", 150lbs, wearing Medium.

Release: Thursday, May 14 at 7PM Eastern.
Colors: Black, White, Sand, and Heather
Sizes: S-XXL

For more traditional fit, we suggest sizing down.