November 26, 2014

Black Friday | Trench Hoodie

We're kind of known for doing basics. Between terry tees and hoodies, lounge pants and overshirts, we take pride in offering staples for any closet. Anyone, regardless of personal style, can find at least one piece from any season and integrate it into their closets. That's kind of what we do.

But we also like to explore. That's why we were doing neoprene hoodies and pants a year ago. That's why we grabbed boucle wool this year. And that's why we've extended our full zip hoodie into a trench hoodie: we want to see where else these silhouettes and style philosophies can take us. Pieces like this aren't for everyone, we know that. We know that the customer who is only looking for a classic white tee isn't necessarily ready to walk outside in a style like a Trench Hoodie. But for those who are looking to stand out, or just get closer inline with their own personal philosophy, we want to offer something to the more adventurous. For someone who is ready to challenge the classics, and complicate the expected. But you know they’re still mad cozy.

Our Trench Hoodies in Black will be release on Black Friday only.

Retail: $248

Available: November 28, 12:01am.


Model: 5'10, 150lbs. Wearing Medium

Size Chart Below: