November 06, 2014

We Take Our Time.

Getting things right takes time.

Premium Co didn’t start with apparel. Since the beginning, the plan was to create pieces and looks that filled the hole left by other brands, but we didn’t start right away. We’ve always wanted to offer unique shapes, or alternate options for uncommon stylistic grounds, but more than that: we wanted to do it right. We took our time.

When the moment was right, we started with one tee, one pant, and one jersey. We tweaked, we revised, we picked fabrics, we tested. We watched every step of the way. We made sure that our factory was doing it right, and when they weren’t doing it right, we switched factories. It made things difficult, made things more complicated, but quality was more important than convenience.
This season we’ve gone into new territory. Multiple sweatshirt patterns, materials that are more difficult to work with, and outerwear. But one piece in particular combines all of these challenges. To make sure our Neoprene Bombers are perfect takes a long time. Every day in our factory, five sewers dedicate their day to constructing these jackets. Each jacket takes four hours to make, and they’re able to produce just three a day. Total.

We could do it faster. We could use materials that aren’t actually neoprene. Neoprene is difficult to work with. Before it’s fully constructed, it has a mind of its own. It’s thick and it’s hard to sew. But we decided to use the genuine material. We could have them constructed on an automated line, but we would lose the beautiful attention to detail that we demand from our own products. We could have simplified the design, but the features are what make the piece worth wearing, even if they’re a liability when it comes to production time.

It’s never the plan to spend a lot of time on any one thing. But when we decided to prioritize standards over speed, the result is beautiful. Even if we only get three a day.

Neoprene Bombers are available for preorder today at 7pm EST. They'll retail for $350US. Available in Black and Pine.  Orders will ship in 3 weeks.