Stocking stuffers are a great way to find the perfect gift for friends and family members of all ages. For under $30, you can get something small enough that will fit into your stocking without breaking it! We’ve picked out some popular options from Amazon with prices starting at ten dollars so be sure check them out before shopping elsewhere – these gifts won’t last long though so don’t wait too long if this interests YOU (and also take advantage while there’s still time)!

1. Custom Name To My Daughter Blanket From Mom, Art Sherpa Throw Blanket

Personalized blankets are the perfect way to add a little bit of something special and memorable for your home. By honoring loved ones with personalized items, you can make them feel extra beloved when they visit or watch their favorite TV show in bed! These One-of Kind pieces also allow people who may have lost touch over time get reconnected through these keepsakes that will forever remind us about our childhoods. Get design To My Daughter Blanket

2. Pick and Pass Card Game

In this fun and tasty card game, you are trying to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. You can score points for making your favorite maki rolls or collecting a full sashimi set but don’t forget about dessert! If it’s not filling enough yet then take some more from someone else – because who doesn’t love being able eat all theirs without any leftovers?

3. Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Your tweenage daughter will have a blast with these Frozen-themed glittery polishes. They’re also non toxic and don’t require any polish remover to take off, so you can enjoy an easy night’s sleep knowing that her party is in good hands!

4. Scientist Tricks

This compact tin is the perfect size for Christmas stockings, and it will deliver bonus STEM training while masquerading as a box of crazy fun science experiments. A great gift that every kid on your list should have!

5. Zombie Snot Putty

For the kid in all of us, boogers are a source for endless fun. Whether you’re playing with friends or just sitting by yourself catching pace on your favorite show ( SNL always works), this is sure to make everything better again! Throw some zombies into it and we’ll guarantee they will love getting their gift early thanksgiving weekend because there’s nothing like good old fashioned snot-covered hands that refuse to stop smiling no matter what happens next

6. DIY Charm Bracelet Kit

Create your own charm bracelet with this adorable stocking stuffer idea! Five different types of beads are included – spacer beads, dangly onesies for the little ones in our lives that need more space on their wrists (and hearts), colorful glass stones to make any design pop and shine bright. You’ll have all you need right here waiting patiently under Santa’s fur…

7. UNO Minecraft

UNO is a card game that can be played by two people. It’s easy to learn, yet complex enough not matter how old or young you are! Now your favorite blocky characters from Minecraft have joined forces with this classic retro gaming phenomenon in order bring joy into homes all around the world just like it did when we were kids…

8. Initial Necklace

These heart initial necklaces are perfect for young girls who love jewelry. The durable, yet light titanium steel will not weigh you down and has a cute design that matches any outfit! With 14K gold plating to protect against rusting or corrosion from exposure in your pocket (wallet), these pieces also come at an affordable price point – making them easy on both wallet AND wrist space alike!.

9. Gaming Socks

These fun, anti-slip novelty socks are the best gifts for teen gamers to find in their stockings and they’ll fit feet from sizes 6 – 12. Just a heads up that small/medium or large means sock LENGTH up towards your shin!

10. Hidden Panda Mug

The ceramic pandas are the perfect stocking stuffer, at 8 oz and made from durable material. Plus they’ll pop up in every drink to bring you unexpected joy! The small mug is an adorable gift idea for any panda lover on your list.

11. Scratch Off Art Notes

Have you ever played with a paint-by number set? It’s an oldie but it still has its place in modern day life. The metal cards have different colors on them that can be revealed by scratching the surface and then writing something interesting or special into each space provided!

12. Glitter Jelly Bangles

There’s a new trend that kids and moms will love! Jelly bracelets are super stretchy, bendable pieces of jewelry made out of crystal-clear silicone. You can get them in 27 colors with premium glitter inside for an extra shine on your outfit – these lightweight accessories have been around forever but they’re still demand driven by popularity ranking high among teens everywhere who want something cute yet trendy at once.
If you’ve never tried wearing jellies before then this would make the perfect time since their durability makes sure nothing gets ruined during wear

12. LightSaber Chopsticks

LED lightsaber chopsticks are the perfect way to add some lighthearted fun into your dinner. These lightweight, durable wooden sticks make it easy for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy themselves while eating!

13. Lip Balm Set

These lip glosses are the perfect way to show off your love for all things tropical. Formulated with beeswax and formulated without chemicals, these products moisturize deeply while also providing a shine that will have everyone asking where you got them! The six flavors include Coconut Milk Passionfruit Mango Papaya Hibiscus Blossom & more so there’s something sure to fit any taste or mood imaginable

14. Harmonica

What better way to start off the new year than with a harmonica for your favorite family member? This “key of C” model will create beautiful sounds and longs both beginners AND experts alike. The price may be minimal, but it’s still an amazing gift that’ll make everyone happy!

15. Scrunchies

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, look no further than these silky scrunchies! These sets come in a variety of colors and provide durable protection against breakage. They make girls’ hair look gorgeous while they wear it up or down on their own terms- plus there are four varieties included within each set so everyone can find one that suits them perfectly

16. Keychain

A motivational keychain is the perfect stocking filler for sons, daughters and brothers. It’s a thoughtful way to send them off into their first driving lesson with love on both our parts – hopefully they’ll come back wiser!

17. Journal

This sleek and sophisticated vegan-leather journal is a must have for any teen girl who loves to write. It also comes with an inside slot so you can carry your phone around instead of holding onto it all day long, which will save space in bags or pockets!

18. Marvel Socks

These officially licensed Avengers socks are the perfect way for Marvel fans to show their support on any given day. They’ll fit youth and men in shoe sizes 6-12, so then they can choose between being a superhero orvillain before leaving home (teenagers mostly become supervillains…)

19. Joyful Candle

This joy and laughter soy candle is fragranced with cranberry, dahlia for a fun yet positive energy. It will burn 50 hours to help you forget the insanity of teenage hormones!

20. Amazon Gift Card

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, it’s hard to go wrong with a card! The 7-year old or 17 year olds will love getting their favorite items paid off from what they choose. You can get these little tags starting at just $10 and there are hundreds of options available in our store – we’ve got everything including video games down low as well if that’s more along where your budget lies.