Happy Anniversary! For the person who has everything, you’ve decided to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary in style. We’ve put together this list of gag gifts that will make him or her laugh on their special day and enjoy themselves just a little bit more than they would if it were regular old everyday life celebrating with family members (and friends!).

1. Custom Face Boxers

What’s your favorite position? If it is the splits, then put some spice into things by wearing these custom face boxers in guilt-free style. With customizable options for girlfriend or wifey alike–you can also upload an image of yourself to make them truly one-of-a kind!

2. Custom Happy 50th Golden Anniversary Toilet Paper

Give your favorite old timer the perfect toilet paper gift by giving them a specially embroidered roll. This is available in fonts and colors that match their personality, or you can go with something more classic like white for nostalgia’s sake!

3. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Coffee Mug Set

What better way to brew up some happiness than with one of these novelty mugs? Whether you’re looking for a gift for newlyweds or those who are celebrating their 50th anniversary (or somewhere in between), this set will raise smiles on everyone’s face. The his and hers duo feature the names “Mr Right” & ‘Mrs Alwaysright’ because let’s face it–that’s how things go down!

4. Cheers To 50 Years Engraved Beer Pint Glass

I have a friend who’s reaching his/her milestone anniversary and I wanted to buy him something special. What better than this 16oz glass with “Cheers To 50 Years” on it? He can use the phrase whenever he has shortWAITresses at home, which will be often because men like drinking alcohol too much (just ask my husband).

5. 50 Years in and I Haven’t Killed Him Yet T-Shirt

This t-shirt proudly declares “50 years and I haven’t killed him yet!”. We’re slightly concerned about the ‘yet’, but we assume she’ll be able to handle it…
The gift of a cool shirt is perfect for any woman who has been married as long as her partner in crime — this one even comes with five different colors so you can find something that matches your style or theirs perfectly (and if they don’t already own an entire wardrobe comprised only these types clothes then there must really BE something wrong).

6. 18, 262 Days Together But Whose Counting Mug

Who needs math when you have love? This mug has done the hard work for you and worked out that on a 50th anniversary, your wedding day will be 18262 days old. So polish off that coffee or tea (or whatever soothing beverage is most calming) because this means celebration time!

7. Happy Anniversary Toilet Paper

You’ve been married for 50 years. The only thing left to celebrate is each other! Celebrate this huge milestone with a roll of toilet paper that says “Happy Anniversary” on every wipe, and if you’ve forgotten it’s your special day then print out all 1000 sheets because we know how much harder life can be when there isn’t anything else but family around anymore

8. 1968 Trivia Playing Cards 50th Birthday Anniversary Gift

There’s a whole lot of history packed into these playing cards! Featuring questions about music, politics and world affairs from 1968 – if you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary then it might not be so easy to answer all the quiz answers because only eye-contact with each other would have been enough back then.

9. After 50 Years She Still Puts Up With Me Cap

This is a perfect 50th anniversary gift for your husband. It includes an adjustable cotton baseball cap, which states that after all these years you’re still putting up with him and even comes equipped with sweat bands inside to keep him cool or if he does forget this year’s celebration – well at least until next time!

10. Still Having a Hoot After 50 Years T-Shirt

This t-shirt is the perfect gift for your favorite couples anniversary. It features an adorable couple sitting in a tree, with KISSing each other well past what would be considered normal physical conditions by most people! This shirt comes in 5 different colors and several sizes so you can find one that fits both of them perfectly – this way they’ll know how much their relationship means to YOU too!!

11. 50th Anniversary Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Mug Set

If you want to show your visitors who wears the pants in this relationship, then buy these mugs. Printed both front and back with “50 years of being Mr Right” on one side while hers says ‘ 50 Years Mrs Always right’ , also featuring an anniversary number in gold so they know exactly how old each person is when it comes down do deals like these!

12. Love Is Sharing A Roll Toilet Paper

However, toilet roll is one thing that most couples still have to share. The printed sheets are designed with a ‘his and hers side’ so they can each use their own part of the paper while making sure not too much gets wasted! This makes for an ideal 50th anniversary gift – or any other time you want some laughs at your friends’ expense (love Mode).

13. Just Married 50 Years Ago T-Shirt

Give the perfect gift for your favorite couple this anniversary. This shirt features their marriage certificate in black text on a white background, with an option of colorizing it upon purchase! You can also get one as-is or personalized just for them – there are sizes available to fit any figure type too so everyone will know how long ago they were married without looking like someone else’s grandma who got lucky at dating apps (again).

14. 50th Anniversary Couples Coffee Mug Set

He may be the one wearing pants, but she’s letting him think he does. These 50th anniversary mugs say what most couples think-he wears them! holding 11oz each and making a great gift for any family member who knows their place in rank order anim relationships with others around them

15. 50 Year Anniversary Funny T-Shirt

There’s no better way to celebrate 50 years of marriage than with an anniversary party! And why not dress up in style? These t-shirts make great gifts for couples who have been together as long or shorter. They come available both male/female, five different colors (including white), and can be worn at any occasion – from everyday wearings such as work hours into more formal events like weddings parties etc…

16. I’ve Survived 50 Years of Marriage, What’s Your Superpower?

The half century mark is a significant occasion in any marriage, and to commemorate this milestone we have created exclusive t-shirts for those who are married. The design of these shirts proudly tells the world that they’ve been surviving 50 years with their spouse by your side as one collective superhero family!

17. 50th Years of Sharing Coffee Mug Set

These matching mugs are the perfect way to bring a little humor into your marriage! The first one states “50 years of sharing my name”, while hers proclaims “and I still don’t know what’s in this guy’s wallet”. A fun gift for those who have figured out how relationships work together–or maybe just likes drinking coffee with someone every day 🙂

18. 50th Anniversary Greatest Catch T-Shirt

What’s the key to a happy marriage? A separate hobby, perhaps! If you know an avid fisherman and want great gift for his 50th anniversary then net yourself this tee featuring him on front holding up fishing rods with wife next-to him as she grips her own pole. It reads “She may not Always Be Ready But Her Catch Will Never Go Unattended.”